In INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS there are many kind of robots will available in different axis. First industrial robot will comes with 3 & 4 axis, for only testing purpose, then they will develop upto 7 axis robots. But now a day we all are mostly used 6 axis robots. Because the 6 axis robot will do all kind of motion and it will pick and move easily from one place to another, so it is more than enough to do all applications.

IOLOGIX provides you a different types of operations/applications in this industrial robots and you will know how its works and how much it carries, to do all applications. Lets see how the 6 axis are works.

1st Axis: This axis is located at the robot base to allows the robot to rotate from left side to right side. This sweeping motion is extends the work area on either side and behind the arm. This axis allows the robot to spin up to a full 180 degree range from the center point. This axis is also known as J1.


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2nd Axis: This axis allows the lower arm of the robot to extend forward and backward. It is the powering of the entire lower arm movement. This axis is also known as J2.

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3rd Axis: The axis extends the robot’s vertically. It allows the upper arm to raise up and down. On some robot models, it allows the upper arm to reach behind the robot body, further expanding based on the work envelope.This axis is also known as J3.

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4th Axis: This axis aids in the positioning of the end effector and manipulation of the part. Known as the wrist          roll, it rotates the upper arm in a circular motion moving parts between horizontal to vertical orientations. This axis is also known as  J4.

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5th Axis: This axis allows the wrist of the robot arm to tilt up and down. The pitch, or bend, motion is up and down, much like opening and closing a box lid. Yaw moves left and right, like a door on hinges. This axis is also known as J5.

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6th Axis: This is also the wrist of the robot arm. It is responsible for a twisting motion, allowing it to rotate freely in a circular motion, both to position end effectors and to manipulate parts. It is usually capable of more than a 360 degree rotation in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This axis is also known as J6.

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