Certified LabVIEW Training

IOLOGIX Automation Solutions provides effective and Certified LabVIEW training with real time hardware to college students, industrial working persons.

LabVIEW Training Syllabus


  • Introduction to LabVIEW
  • Front panel
  • Control and Indicator
  • Block diagram
  • Palettes
    • Tools Palette
    • Control Palette
    • Functions Palette
    • Navigating the controls and Functions Palette
  • Data flow

Virtual Instruments

  • Introduction to VI
    • Indicators
    • Booleans
    • String
    • Custom control and Indicators
  • Examples of VI
  • Build a VI
    • Create a user interface
    • Build the block diagram
    • Wire and run the VI
      • Automatic wire routing
      • Automatic wiring
      • Wiring complicated objects
      • Bad wires
      • Wiring tips
    • Add timing to VI
    • Add analysis and file I/O to the VI
  • Editing Techniques
  • Debugging Techniques


Creating a SubVI

  • SubVIs
  • Icon and connector pane
  • Using SubVIs
  • Creating a SubVI of Section of VI

Loops and Charts

  • While loops
  • Waveform Charts
  • Shift registers
  • Case registers
  • For loop
  • Flat sequences
  • Placing Objects inside objects
  • Counting the Loops

Arrays, Graphs and Clusters

  • Arrays
  • Creating array with loops
  • Array functions
  • Polymorphism
  • Graphs
  • Clusters
  • Cluster Functions


  • Case Structure
  • Sequence Structure
  • Timed Structure
  • Formula Node
  • Expression Node
  • Replacing Sequence structure


String and File I/O

  • String
  • String Functions
  • File I/O
  • Formatting Spreadsheet settings
  • High- level file VIs

Data Acquisition and Waveforms

  • Overview and configuration
  • Data Acquisition VI organization
  • Performing a Single Analog Input
  • The DAQ wizards
    • Configure Analog Input Channels
    • Generate a solution from the solutions gallery
  • Waveform Analog Output
  • Writing Waveform Data to File
  • Scanning Multiple Analog Input Channels
  • Analog Output
  • Digital Input and Output
  • Buffered Data Acquisition

Instrument Control

  • Instrument Control Overflow
  • GPIB communication and configuration
  • Instrument Driver Overview
  • Using Instrument Driver VIs
  • VISA overview
  • Using VISA Functions and VIs
  • Serial Port Communication
  • Baud rate Calculation
  • Measurement and Automation Explorer
  • Waveform Transfers


VI Customization

  • Customizing VI properties
  • Creating POP- UP Panels
  • Key Navigation
  • Editing VIs with Difficult VI setup Options
  • Customizing Palettes

Communication with Controllers

  • GSM module interface and programming
  • 8051 Microcontroller interface
  • Communication with PLC
    • Industrial Ethernet communication
    • Modbus communication
    • OPC communication
  • Methods of communication
    • Basic I/O
    • Industrial communications
      • Ethernet/IP
      • Serial Poet
      • Device Net
      • Profibus
      • Profinet
    • OPC

LabVIEW Cerifications

Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer

Cerified LabVIEW Developer

Certified LabVIEW Architect

Happy Students

Mani Bharathi
Mani Bharathi
happy to learn in this insitute.good teaching and thank u
Arif dhanveer
Arif dhanveer
it is very useful for to learn.Teaching to the student is individual it is easy to learn
Zatselan M
Zatselan M
"This institution really makes you satisfaction and confidence in the field of automation stuffs and basic concepts.Even if you are not good at core basics ,they will make and mold ...
it is very useful to learning plc programming and faculties are good in teaching experiences.
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